Welcome to our website.

A few words about our project.

Our project aims to report European advanced techniques of ultrasound in fetal medicine to practitioners and specialists in  gynecological ultrasound in Ukraine.

We are beginning a three-year program for submission to the European-level research, which will consist of several cycles of theoretical courses with a real- time demonstration scanning for professionals ,  beginners and practical training in small groups.

Most of our courses are ISUOG approved and  included in the international system of doctors training. 

Practitioners with vast experience in various clinics around the world have significant theoretical training will share with you their experience, their knowledge. During the courses that we organize, you can discuss many issues you are interested in  with the leading European specialists.

We hope that the knowledge that you will receive  will allow you to grow as professionals.

See our website for information on available courses, please contact us, contact us by phone. We will be glad to assist you in all matters.

We wish you success as researchers, standing on the brink of the unknown!

Good luck!
Program Coordinator D
r. Marina Sokolova.

Created: Sergey Avdeyev