The interdisciplinary ultrasound workshop "First International Fetal Medicine Symposium" was held on 13th and 14th of February 2016 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Symposium covered the following learning objectives within the program:

1.Fetal echocardiography:

  • ISUOG guidelines for the fetal cardiac examination: practical use
  • Early Fetal Echocardiography: diagnostic approach 
  • Conotruncal CHD: Pattern recognition
  • Lesions from missed CHD
  • Left heart defects: Full picture 
  • Heart in chromosomal and genetic syndromes

2. Fetal anomalies:

  • face
  • neck
  • extremities
  • skeletal dysplasias
  • Others

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Coordinators of this Symposium are world renowned international speakers: Dr. Marcin Wiechec and Dr. Fred Ushakov presented extensive teaching experience.

Dr. Fred Ushakov is a specialist in the area of prenatal diagnostics (Great Britain), who has over 25-years’ experience in a fetus scanning, and is an official specialist of Fetal Medicine Foundation, ISUOG speaker, doctor of University College London Hospital, director of Ultrasound Network Ltd, UK.

Dr. Marcin Wiechec - Consultant in Fetal Diagnostics and Ultrasound at the Obstetrics and Perinatology Clinic, University Hospital, Krakow, Poland.

New! Practical DEMO: fetal examination

Language: Russian, English (with translation into Russian)

The symposium  came SMS-voting.


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