The Fetal Medicine Academy is pleased to announce our new course "Topical issues (current issues) in fetal medicine and gynecologic ultrasound" that will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, between 28th and 29th of May 2016.
Any doctor or sonographer who is interested in developing his or her skills in fetal heart evaluation and skeletal abnormalities diagnostic is welcome.

Course will cover the following learning objectives within the program:

Introduction in fetal cardiology: make it easy.

  • Congential heart defects
  • How to check the fetal heart 
  • ISUOG Guidanlines
  • Real scanning of the heart
  • 4 chamber view and oths
  • Tips and tricks in scanning of the heart
  • 5 common heart defects you must detect
  • VSD: important or not important?
  • Clinical cases in fetal cardiology

Practical ultrasound in gynecology.

  • Examination of female pelvis 
  • different ultrasound methods as 2 and 3 dimensional ultrasound, Colour and Power Doppler ultrasound
  •  preparationof ultrasound technique and application of different ultrasonographic methods to achieve the diagnostic targets in gunecology
  • Adnexal masses 
  • classification systems for appearance of adnexal masses on ultrasound scanning, methods to assess the malignancy risk, their application in daily practice
  • description of typical appearance of the adnexal masses – “pattern recognition” method
  • rare and difficult adnexal masses
  • Doppler ultrasound application for distinguishing of benigh and malignant masses using 2 and 3-dimensional ultrasound
  • the ultrasound application in the diagnosis of the other gynecological diseases such as infection, abscesses, infertility
  • review of various ovarian masses

Lectors of this course are world renowned international speakers: Dr. Povilas Sladkevicius and Dr. Fred Ushakov presenting extensive teaching experience.


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Dr. Fred Ushakov is a specialist in the area of prenatal diagnostics (Great Britain), who has over 25-years’ experience in a fetus scanning, and is an official specialist of Fetal Medicine Foundation, ISUOG speaker, doctor of University College London Hospital, director of Ultrasound Network Ltd, UK.

Dr. Povilas Sladkevicius - is an avid international speaker, official ISUOG speaker, he's spoken on OB/GYN ultrasound all around the worldas a lecturer in various courses: Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Poland, Egypt and United Kingdom.He has more than 30 years working experience. 

Doctor Povilas Sladkevicius is a responsible senior consultant of ultrasound unit in Malm? Women’s clinics, Skane University Hospital, Lund University, Sweden. He was working in St. George’s Hospital, London University, London, United Kingdom. His defended works are Doppler ultrasound of blood circulation in feto-maternal complex in healthy and preeclamptic women (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vilnius University Hospital, Lithuania, defended first thesis in 1989) and Doppler ultrasound in gynecology (Malm? University hospital,in 1994). Dr. Povilas Sladkevicius has more than 100 scientificpapers published in English, Russian, Swedish and Lithuanian languages. He is one of the professional's team who has created IETA criteria (The International Endometrial Tumor Analysis).

New! Practical DEMO: fetal examination
Language: Russian
Course coordinator - Marina Sokolova, MD

Разработано: Авдеев Сергей