The Fetal Medicine Academy is pleased to announce our new course "Advances in ultrasound: fetal medicine and gynecology" that will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, between 18th and 19th of February 2017.

Any doctor or sonographer who is interested in developing his or her skills in doppler evaluation in fetal diagnostic is welcome.

The following topics and issues will be covered:

  • Nuchal translucency: practical points
  • How to perform NT correctly
  • How to get Certification of FMF for NT
  • Tips and tricks
  • NIPT and ultrasound: friends or enemies?
  • Trisomy 21: ultrasound features
  • Trisomy 18: ultrasound features
  • Trisomy 13: ultrasound features
  • 45X0: ultrasound features
  • Triploidy: ultrasound features
  • 22q11 microdeletion (Di George syndrome)
  • Other chromosomal anomalies
  • CVS, amniocentesis and cordocentesis
  • Examination of endometrium, IETA terminology
  • Ultrasound-based approach to the evaluation of dysfunctional uterine bleeding in different age periods: anovulatory and ovulatory bleeding
  • Postmenopausal bleeding, endometrial cancer and its staging
  • Tubes: normal and pathology
  • Examination of tubal patency
  • MUSA terminology

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Lector of this course is world renowned international speaker:  Dr. Fred Ushakov presenting extensive teaching experience.

Dr. Fred Ushakov is a specialist in the area of prenatal diagnostics (Great Britain), who has over 25-years’ experience in a fetus scanning, and is an official specialist of Fetal Medicine Foundation, ISUOG speaker, doctor of University College London Hospital, director of Ultrasound Network Ltd, UK.

New! Practical DEMO: fetal examination
Language: Russian
Course coordinator - Marina Sokolova, MD

Разработано: Авдеев Сергей